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Bail Bond Board

 Hunt County Bail Bond Board

The Hunt County Bail Bond Board is responsible for licensing and regulating the companies that offer bail bonds in Hunt County in accordance with Chapter 17.04 of the Texas Occupations Code and the local Rules of the Hunt County Bail Bond Board. The Board hears complaints about those companies and makes determinations about the issuance, denial or renewal of bail bond licenses.

The Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 12:00pm Located in the 196th District Courtroom at 2507 Lee Street, 3rd floor, Greenville, TX 75401.
Complaints against any bondsman licensed in Hunt County must be in writing, refer to a specific violation of statute(s) or Local Rules, be signed and notarized with sufficient contact information identifying the complaint to include address and phone number. The complaint shall be forwarded to:

Hunt County Bail Bond Board
c/o Jennifer Lindenzweig
Hunt County Clerk / Bail Bond Board Secretary
P.O. Box 1316
Greenville, Texas 75403

                                             Hunt County Bail Bond Board Members

                                                    Texas Occupations Code 1704.053

(1)    Sheriff or designee:

Randy Meeks, Sheriff

Buddy Oxford, Chief Deputy-designee


(2)    District Judge designated by the presiding judge of the administrative district:

J. Andrew Bench, Judge, 196th Judicial District-Chairman


(3)    County Judge or designee approved by Commissioner’s Court:

Bobby W. Stovall, County Judge

Amanda Blankenship, Administrative Asst.-designee approved 8/26/14


(4)    County Court at Law Judge designated by the Commissioner’s Court



(5)    District Attorney or ADA:

Noble Walker, District Attorney

Jeff Kovach-ADA, designee-Vice Chairman


(6)    Licensed bail bond surety or agent-elected or designee of surety or agent by elected surety/agent:

Jeremy Colvin-elected

Donna Fletcher-designee


(7)    Justice of the Peace:

Sheila Linden, JP 1 Pl 2


(8)    District Clerk or designee:

Susan Spradling, District Clerk


(9)    County Clerk or designee:

Jennifer Lindenzweig, County Clerk-Secretary

Libby Dunham, Criminal Supervisor-designee


(10)  Presiding Judge of a Municipal Court if appointed by the Board:



(11)            Principal municipality designates Presiding Judge:



(12)            County Treasurer or designee:

Brittni Turner, Treasurer


(13)            Criminal Defense Attorney-elected or designee of the criminal defense attorney:

Elisha Hollis, Attorney-elected



                                            County Attorney Representative:

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